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Kitchen Planning & Design in Melbourne

Kitchen Planning & Design

In this day and age, the kitchen is the central area in all homes. It is where we cook our meals, entertain and where our children go to do their homework. It is the most used room in any home. That is why it is important to get the plan right. And that is why we provide the kitchen designs Melbourne locals love to come home to.

What we offer you.
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  • Qualified Trades people with many years experience
  • Kitchen products – taps, sinks, appliances & lighting
  • Quality Materials
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What to think about when planning your kitchen

The kitchen is where we spend most of our time, so there are many things to consider when planning a new kitchen design. Melbourne homeowners may start by asking themselves about the specific features that they would like to include in their kitchen. They might start by asking themselves what they are? What are the features they cannot live without? They may want to get the most space from their kitchen. They may want lots of bench space or a kitchen that is easy to work in. These are the things that kitchen designers need to know. Local homeowners wanting to start their kitchen renovations can talk to the Top Edge team, confident in the knowledge that we will listen to their ideas and their requirements.

Kitchen Planning & Design

Most people renovate or replace their kitchen every 20 years. When people renovate their kitchen they find soon after, that their kitchen does not contain enough storage space to accommodate their kitchen utensils, appliances, and Tupperware containers.

The problem usually lies within the design of the kitchen. Has the kitchen been designed specifically for what is intended to be stored there? Was there enough information gathered from the customer to include their specific and individual needs in the plan and design?

Top Edge Kitchens will ensure that your new kitchen investment will “work for you” now and in the future. The kitchen design must go beyond the “look” of a kitchen. Top Edge Kitchens have been trained to use “Dynamic Space”, to plan your kitchen. It focuses on the user. The focus is on the functionality of a kitchen, utilising storage space, and the workflow through the kitchen. It breaks your kitchen up into 4 zones. It is through this zonal planning that your kitchen design originates.

This design will consider the workflow, easy access to frequently used kitchen items, and usable and accessible storage space. Utensils, crockery and appliances should be close at hand.

Using today’s kitchen hardware will significantly increase storage room and the space in your kitchen. The use of space and allocating work areas is essential in the creation of a ‘dynamic’ kitchen plan.

Kitchen Cabinet Features

  • Carcasses constructed from “A” grade double-sided white velvet melamine on 16mm high moisture resistant (HMR) particleboard.
  • Doors manufactured from melamine surfaced 16mm moisture-resistant Medium Density Fibreboard.
  • Laminated benchtops fabricated on solid 33mm high moisture-resistant (HMR) particleboard. Edges can be either Post formed, square or timber.
  • Full box construction of carcasses with 3mm whitecoat Masonite or choice of 16mm solid back rebated into the Benchtop, bottom and sides. Carcasses are screwed together using 50 x 7mm confirm at screws.
  • Self-closing drawer units with steel sides and full extension runners. With a solid 16mm back and base
  • Standard 16mm melamine  drawers
  • All cabinets have fully adjustable shelves.
  • All doors fitted with hinges that have a Lifetime Warranty.
  • All floor cabinets have a box kicker.
  • Any cabinet is customized to suit your requirements.
  • We proudly use all laminates.
  • We have our own Stonemason that we work with to supply Granite and or Marble benchtops.
  • Full range of Vinyl wrap and timber doors.

What to think about when planning your kitchen

Top Edge Kitchens will be able to suggest many new and interesting materials.  There is a lot of new products on the market these days to give you a more spacious kitchen and to be able to use the available space more efficiently.

The following are a few points you may want to consider when thinking of purchasing / or replacing your kitchen.

The Layout:

You should first consider the layout of your new kitchen. Consider the traffic flow in the kitchen, the location of the kitchen in your home, the number of people in your home? You should also consider things such as;

  • Connection requirements (electricity, water etc.)
  • Dimensions and sill heights of windows
  • Alternative storage space in the house
  • Kitchen area (length, width, height of room)

You should bring a plan with you when meeting with your kitchen designer for the first time.


It is a good idea to give as much information about your household to us. Information like;

  • How many people live at home?
  • Cooking, eating shopping habits
  • The function of your kitchen (i.e. Entertainment, dining, or purely a working kitchen, etc.)
  • Are your family very tall? (to determine the optimal workbench heights),
  • Right handed or Left handed people in the household.
  • What types of items will be stored in your kitchen?


What are the features that you would like to have in your kitchen. They may be;

  • Would you like soft closing drawers with full extension runners?
  • Would you like a dishwasher space?
  • Do you want you bench higher than the standard?
  • What sort of handles would you like?

These are some ideas that you may need to think about when thinking about a new kitchen.

The Finish:

Decide which look you would like your kitchen to have.

There are many finishes that you can choose for your doors and drawers. The finish will determine whether it be modern, contemporary, or classic look. You could decided on Solid Timber, Timber Veneer, Vinyl wrap, Laminex or 2 Pac finishes. We do them all.

Decide on what type of bench top you would like to have.


You can come into the showroom where we have a wide range of colours to choose from.

We can provide you with a kitchen planner to help you with your design. Call us

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