What to think about when planning your kitchen

Top  Edge  Kitchens  will  be  able  to  suggest  many  new  and  interesting  materials.  There  is  a lot  of  new  products  on  the  market  these  days  to  give  you  a  more  spacious  kitchen  and  to  be  able  to  use  the  available  space  more  efficiently.

The  following  are  a  few  points  you  may  want  to  consider  when  thinking  of  purchasing / or  replacing  your  kitchen.

The  Layout:  You  should  first  consider  the  layout  of  your  new  kitchen.  Consider  the  traffic  flow  in  the  kitchen,  the  location  of  the  kitchen  in  your  home,  the  number  of  people  in  your  home?  You should also consider things such as;

  • Connection requirements (electricity, water etc.)
  • Dimensions  and  sill  heights  of  windows
  • Alternative  storage  space  in  the  house
  • Kitchen  area  (length,  width,  height  of  room)

You  should  bring  a  plan  with  you  when  meeting  with  your kitchen  designer  for the  first  time.


It  is  a  good  idea  to  give  as  much  information  about  your  household  to  us.  Information like;

  • How many people live at home?
  • Cooking,  eating  &  shopping  habits
  • The function of your kitchen (i.e.  Entertainment, dining, or purely a working kitchen, etc.)
  • Are your family very tall? (  to  determine  the  optimal  workbench  heights),
  • Right handed or Left handed people in the household.
  • What types of items will be stored in your kitchen?


What  are  the  features  that  you  would  like  to  have  in  your  kitchen.  They may be;

  • Would you like soft closing drawers with   full extension runners?
  • Would you like a dishwasher space?
  • Do you want you bench higher than the standard?
  • What sort of handles would you like?

These  are  some  ideas  that  you  may  need  to  think  about  when  thinking  about  a  new  kitchen.

The Finish:

Decide which look you would like your kitchen to have.

There  are  many  finishes  that  you  can  choose  for  your  doors  and  drawers.  The  finish  will  determine  wether  it  be  modern,  contempary,  or  classic  look.  You  could  decided  on  Solid  Timber,  Timber  Veneer,  Vinyl  wrap,  Laminex  or  2  Pac  finishes.  We do them all.

Decide  on  what  type  of  bench top  you  would  like  to  have.


You  can  come  into  the  showroom  where  we  have  a  wide  range  of  colours  to  choose  from.

We  can  provide  you  with  a  kitchen  planner  to  help  you  with  your  design.  Call  us