CNC Cutting Service

cnc-machineTop Edge is offering you a cutting service to assist cabinetmakers, kitchen designers or the home handy man with a DIY project on the go.  Our CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machine, along with our 3D computer model drawing system, you can avoid the headaches and get us to draw up and cut your project to save you that important asset – TIME.

Top Edge can help you with cutting up of cabinetry and shop fittings. With our CNC cutting and routing machine, we are able to process large sheet sizes to 3600 x 1800 in size. Our service includes Top Edge advising you on the cutting of your job as well as what sheet size you would require. We primarily use, MDF, Particleboard and White board for cutting. Top Edge can also custom cut, cut panels to size with hinge and shelf mounting, drill, bore and edge band as well as supply the board for you. So call us with any enquiries.